Monday, 25 May 2015

Nice 'N' Easy

A Walk, A Brewery and more Cupcakes!

Adams River Trails
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On Saturday of the long weekend, we made plans to meet friends at Roderick-Haig Brown Park along the Adams River to go for a trail run before continuing on to Sorrento to tour the Crannog Brewery.
Out-of-town friends that came along had their "not yet ready to run" 14 week old puppy with them so sweaty trail run was traded for a leisurely riverside stroll.  Exactly what I needed to recover from yesterday's festivities of running/ beer intervals!
The trails in this Provincial park are always so lush and green beside the river.  In late October you can observe the sockeye salmon run, a couple years ago it was a record year and the fish were stacked upon each other.

Crannog Ales, Organic Brewery

Both Brian and I have wanted to visit here for some time, so he made it happen by arranging a group tour this weekend.  The beers they produce are so good and folks doing all the work are awesome characters.  If you are ever in the area it's worth the visit, and you can purchase a growler on site to take home.

It's what's written on the crescent end that made me laugh.

Crannog Growler