Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bang Bang

How to turn forty... get to 39yrs + 364 days...get up the next morning and have pumpkin beer pancakes!
Breakfast - May 15/15

Enjoy a pot of coffee.  Some TV.


Then put on your running clothes and run!

It was after all my 40th Birthday so there had to be a BDay run.  First, Brian and I had a pint of Imperialist Pig IPA from The Noble Pig growler that went into my pancakes.
5km of uphill to reach the patio!

Then we were off and out the door for stage 1 of the run, home to Mr. Mike's Patio for another pint and an appetizer.

"I'll take a Horny Lager please!"
Finishing up I messaged Elise to come join us for stage 2, Mr. Mike's to Earl's, via the scenic 5km route around the University since Earl's is actually only 1 block South of where we were.

Brian was happy to short-cut this stage and let the girls chat the full distance.
My run-bestie Elise (L)

Following another pint, Elise headed home to her family; Brian and I shifted gears to TRAIL and used the urban trail network in Peterson Creek Park to make our way home on stage 3.
Brian striking a pose in Peterson Trails

Fourteen wonderful kilometers run with refreshment along the way.

Barely time to clean up once again and meet both our parents and my lil'brother for dinner!

So much food.  Good thing I was running all day!

How did you celebrate your last birthday? Or if you have one coming up soon, any big plans?