Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The North Face Dirty Feet Kal Park 25km (50km & 8km)

Now that the pain of child birth, oops I mean 25kms, has faded and my quads don't burn with every step down-stairs, I can focus on the beauty of the race Sunday morning.

Start/Finish Area - Kal Park

Kalamalka Park in Vernon was my backyard for several years and in all that time I had never been this far into the park trails.

What a beautiful sunny, cool morning for the event!  This was my first 25km trail race, the longest continuous trail run I have ever done and of course by default going to be a Personal Best performance.

Result: My first 25km tail race completed in 3:16:08!  
Cheers to a successful run!   Photo Credit: Val Prociuk

Question: When's my next 25km?  Gee, I don't know.  All the rest of the Dirty Feet series are 21km options.  I guess it won't be for a while :)