Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Keep On Running

TNF Dirty Feet Kelowna 21km - May 31, 2015

Yup I finished another one.  That's 2 done for the 2015 Dirty Feet race season and this one was way tougher than the first.  I really hope that doesn't become a trend as things progress.

Dirty Feet Kelowna 21km 2:51:55

Conditions for the race were a little on the warm side in Kelowna on Sunday (17-24 degrees Celsius), but can you really be sad about a beautiful day outdoors?  Aside from wearing capris rather than shorts I was dressed appropriately and had lots of water in my Camelbak in expectation of the rising mercury.

I had leisurely morning leading up to the start line and felt really good heading off when the countdown came, after that things quickly went downhill for me even though the course was going UP!

Some would think me crazy but I really like this race location.  Most of the trails are narrow single track, often with high growth along both sides, very technical in spots ranging from loose sandy spots to creek-bed, rock slabs and tree roots.  The top of the hillside was burnt out by forest fire some years ago leaving you exposed to the heat of the day, but also surrounded by the young green growth and wildflowers that flourish under such conditions.

Early during the ascent I got a sharp rubbing feeling at the back of my left heel.  No matter what I tried out there on course, adjusting laces, looking for natures' debris in my socks, changing foot strike, I just could not shake the rub.  It was especially bad on the uphills and oh my word there is a lot of uphill in Myra-Bellevue Park. I found relief during the descents which were few and kilometres between, but at least I gained some speed there and felt like I was running again.

All the power hiking on the uphills did allow time to appreciate the views above all of Kelowna right down to Okanagan Lake and beyond.

The final descent to the finish line was wonderful, especially knowing I was smart enough to pack a pair of Flip-flops for after the race.  So looking forward to putting those on and alieviating the pressure on my heel.  Turns out both heels had quarter sized blisters when I surveyed the damage later. Skin still in tact so I guess I've earned a couple days off running to let them heal a bit.  I also figured I earned myself a great big breakfast following that run, you know, extra protein to heal and all.

Thank-you Milestones, that was delicious!
I came across the line at 2:51:55, 13th F Overall and in the middle of the 21km field. A PR for the course too, since it was my first time running it!
Walked away with a sweet pair of TNF running shorts from the prize table too.

How was your final May weekend?  Were you also out racing or was it a relaxing training run for you?