Friday, 13 March 2015

Sun To Me

If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?
Seems like an appropriate question coming out of daylight savings weekend. On Monday this past week the local roads appeared to be full of unusual vehicle accidents, drivers desperately needing that extra hour's rest which was taken away with Sunday's change of the clocks. By Tuesday my workplace was full of familiar faces but with zombie-like affects. As the week marched on and the sun continued the shine unseasonably warm outside my friends and colleagues slowly returned to their original delightful personae, but that could have also been the TGIF or Spring Break effect.

I myself seemed to move in the opposite direction of the surrounding energy flow, starting the week off with that great 15.5km trail run on Sunday morning after a 'shortened' night's sleep. That wasn't nearly as great as my run Monday after work, in the daylight! I was itching to get out there and see how much more time was available to me before sunset now. No headlamp needed, what a great feeling. The added daylight charged me and renewed my motivation to get out the door to run. Thursday evening I was back in Kenna Park with friends selecting hilly segments to run, very unusual for me, but gasping for air aside, I felt good.

Hope this high carries through the whole weekend because with a trail run, a beer mile and The Rivers Spring Run-Off all on the docket I'm going to need all of that solar energy more than ever!
Technically we all lost an hour this week, but I feel like I slipped several great hours into my week.

How did you handle the time change this week? Did it take some adjustment or did it go unnoticed?