Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Rest Day

You have to take a day off some time.  So today I did just that.  After work I laced up a pair of "non-running" shoes, grabbed my camera and went for a walk, enjoying the warm winter afternoon we had in Kamloops today.  17 C and partly sunny, the wind was light, I feel so spoiled by the weather we are having.

Not much to say today, just hope you enjoy the photos.
The first tree blossoms of spring.

Looking North across the S.Thompson River

Could beavers have done this?

The Red Bridge

Woodworks of Red Bridge

Red Bridge with Mt. Paul and Peter in the background.

Sometimes it's nice to go a little slower, walk the beach rather than run the path.  Stop and watch the geese instead of chasing them.  The things I saw today I've seen before but today I was able to appreciate the details.