Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Drinking in LA (or Brocklehurst)

A Taper Weekend?!

Sure we can call it that, or we can call it a weekend of fun runs with my hubby and friends.  Between Saturday and Sunday I managed to get in 23kms of mixed road and trail running under bright sunny skies.

Saturday: Airport Trail with Brian

Airport Trail
My husband, Brian, likes the Airport Trail because its flat and there is nowhere to turn off so I can't trick him into a longer trail while we're out there.  We started off together for the first 2km then set into our individual paces and distances, each of us getting in a satisfying run.  10km on grassy dirt path goodness and it was time to go home and do chores.

Sunday: Kamloops Hash House Harriers Run (KHHH)

What is the KHHH?  More info in the link, but basically we're members of an international social drinking club with a running problem.  Not unusual to hear of runners these days who enjoy cold, hoppy suds following a good hard run, and the KH3 embraces those individuals within the pack. Non-drinkers are always welcome, who doesn't love a designated driver?
Each running has 1-2 Hares who set the course for the day while the remainder of the pack seek it out following pre-laid markers and clues.  This week I co-Hared with fellow hasher Topsy in the flat neighbourhood of Brock.  Oh yeah, we all have nicknames.
Topsy and I set out early Sunday morning to mark the 8kms of route for our fellow hashers to follow that same afternoon, leaving dollops of flour here and chalk arrows there.  Through school yards, along residential streets, down alleys and even up the one and only hillside leading to Lac de Bois.  Those hashers were in for a treat.
The Hash Halt
Checking out false tails
Two o'clock in the afternoon rolled around and the group had gathered, ready to kick off the 2015 runs.  The sun remained predominate in the sky with only a few clouds coasting by.  I sat out the first half of the run meeting up with the pack at the halt where our walking group and running group come together mid way for a barley refreshment. After a brief rest and time to socialize the Hares sent the groups back out on trail with me joining in on the Eagles (runner) route. An additional 5kms bringing my days total to 13km, woohoo!
Following the run additional beverages were consumed, trail tales shared and details for the upcoming runs delivered. 
"If you've ever had half a mind to try hashing...that's all you need."

Have you ever participated in a hash run? If you have, where was it?