Friday, 6 March 2015

Livin' La Vida Loca

Friday Group Run Fun!

Best way to spend a Friday early evening
What better way to cap off the week than a group trail run in the park?  Five fun folks and five feisty furries headed out on the trails of Kenna Cartwright this afternoon, enjoying the 10'C and windless weather. 

Keeping everyone's attention with treats.
Recover with Chocolate Milk Stout
Trails are is good condition for this time of year.  There was some mud to be found in the shadowy north facing side of the hill but by the time I was back to parking lot my shoe treads were clean once again.
Thanks gang for the 7.5km start to the weekend!

I know that running with dogs off-leash can be a touchy subject for many people but I love seeing owners and their canine friends out socializing with other humans and their canines.  It can be a challenge not to get run off trail or step on a paw but doesn't that make me a more agile runner?