Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hot N Cold

Welcoming in March brings with it the typically flip-flop of temperatures as winter and spring do battle daily.  Already off to a good start Spring has vanquished the snow in most areas around town opening up trail systems for runners and cyclists alike.  During the days so far we've been treated to bright sunshine, chirping birds and brisk winds.  In the evening the winds have calmed but temperatures are bottoming out at -8C making the evening run still a layered affair.

I find it's always a challenge getting just the right amount of layering this time of year.  When the sun is out a SS T-shirt with arm sleeves and capri length pants is often enough.  If the sun drops behind the hills I'm quickly wishing for a light jacket and pants again.  After all, my water bottle did freeze solid in the car last night!

Oh the dressing dilemmas of a runner.  To glove or not to glove, this toque is the question.

Looking forward I will be spending a fair deal of time dressing and undressing for the weather this month.  Ten days from now is the River's Spring Run-Off 10km road race in Westsyde, Kamloops.  A fun St.Patrick's themed event hosted by local running club, Kamloops Ridge Runners, offering a flat fast course parallel the N.Thompson River and boasting good eats after the run. (Usually pizza)

Tonight, Skytrackers are saying 2-3 degrees C for my hill repeats.  I think I'll bring a jacket.

How is your winter to spring transition going?  Do you find yourself outside more as the days are getting longer again or were you already out there?