Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Loving You Is Easy

A couple weeks ago I was perusing the webpage of athletic accessory up and comers Headsweats.com and saw that they offer a "surprise" box subscription. Aptly named Club Headsweats.
Each month, to your door arrives a special something from their extensive inventory of hats, visors, toques and more.   
Don't know about you, but 90% of the time when I run there is something on my head in an attempt to manage wild curly hair or protect from twigs, ticks or rain. So I signed up, curiosity triumphed!
The first box arrived today and this being February the month of love, it was an ozzing-ly sweet chocolate welcome and included a few Power Bar supplements to get me through to the end of the month.
Love the Sasquatch Trucker hat! And the Headsweats edition Polar Insulated water bottle is a nice addition to my collection. Their customer service event went a step further by including a handwritten note of welcome to Club Headsweats.

Have you ever signed up for a subscription box? Where you happy with each of the boxes as they arrived?


  1. How much does this cost Erica? I have never signed up for a subscription box.

    1. The cost monthly is 15.99 USD, if you live in the US I believe shipping was free. There is a fee to ship to Canada where I am.