Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Unbreakable - at least so far!

So the #BeastStreak and the December Challenge (#DFDC) are but a week old and even though I logged just over 57kms in that time I nearly broke on the second day. The aim of the two challenges is simple, motivation to cull that complacent tendency most of us have which takes over during inclement weather or stressful, busy days. A kick in the pants to give yourself 30 minutes of much needed fresh air and exercise. A chance to clear your head and appreciate a surge of rejuvenating energy whether you are at the beginning or end of your day.

On the second day I sequenced from work to dinner meet-up, to babysit for a friend. The daylight hours long gone my only hope was to now zip my coat up and take the long walk home, over shooting my residence by many blocks and eventually working back in the right direction. I wasn't going down on day two, no way.

So one week is, as they say, in the books. My craft beer advent calendar is lighter too! So cheers & good luck to all the other December streakers out there.