Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Grinning Streak

It's that time again!  The annual December Challenge spearheaded by my friends over at Dirty Feet Trail Series and echoed in kind by the fierce Solana of Beast Mode with her #BeastStreak.

The December Challenge:
Stage 1 - Run/Walk a mile a day.  Simple no? Everyday...that's the hook.  No skipping a day because you are snot nosed in a cup of hot lemon and honey or because you did two miles yesterday.  Out the door EVERYday and get a mile done.
Stage 2 - Simply because some of us always have been and always will be over achievers, Dirty Feet has laid out the next level of play.  For Strava users, log minimum 1mile daily AND complete 35 kms during the week.  The easy math is 5kms daily.  I have done this two years in a row now, going for a third year. The caveat here is, no indoor treadmill or walking track kilometres allowed since they must be trackable on Strava GPS.  So I gotta bundle up and get out there.

The BeastStreak - 30 minute run daily, with option of once a week 1 hour walk (rest day).  Just enough time to complete a gentle trail 5km run.

Since both of these motivational, keep your ass from growing roots on the couch this holiday season, running-centric, maintain some accountability in training challenges are virtual mirrors to each other I feel compelled to do both. The BeastStreak will persuade me to continue the 5km/day goal which I have set for myself.

Winter in the northern parallels really is the hardest time to keep active outdoors.  Stymied by short daylight hours, cool to freezing temperatures and the obvious rush of the holiday season it's no wonder that so many folks resort to fitness based resolutions when January finally arrives.  My goal each year is to continue being active, keep myself interested and motivated to stay healthy and not rely on a date on the calendar to be the Do or Die deadline that January 1st becomes for so many.  On the 1st I'd like to think I earned my rest day for the week.

I will try to check in at the end of each week with how the December BeastStreak Challenge is progressing for me.  Feel free to play along,  the more the merrier!
Have you ever done a run streak, even just a short one like these for a month or so?  What were your reasons for doing it?