Monday, 19 October 2015

The Fun Run of the Year!

I had my first 8 donuts of the year on Saturday morning. Yup, EIGHT! All while running a 10km out-and-back between two aid stations of doughy sweet goodness.
Run4Donuts  Photo: Dina M

The inaugural Run4Donuts happened at Riverside Park in Kamloops over the weekend, attended by 80'ish runners, walkers, toddlers and more.  Participants had the choice of 2.5, 5 or 10km distances which translated to 2, 4 or 8 donuts to be consumed respectively. (Although not strictly enforced.) Proceeds from the event went to our local food bank including any extra donuts.

So what does 8 donuts feel like when eaten at 1.25km intervals of tempo speed? 

I learned quickly to go for light weight soft glazed classic donuts offering an ease of swallow-ability, not sure that's a word. Water was available to prevent choking hazards from happening and my parents taught me well, not to run with food in my mouth.  Although my own father participated and forgot this witticism himself, sigh.
Leading the charge.
My run buddy with her "little"

After the fourth donut and 5 kilometres I was starting to feel that full wanna nap urge creeping in.

Less talky, more eatie needed here! Photo: Dina M
Donut station stops became a lot more social and chatty with taking the next bite no longer the primary action, replaced by laughter and requests for stretchier pants. The running part was automatic at least, back and forth at a 5:00/km pace feeling like I was slowing down but finding afterwards it was likely the sugar rush in my brain giving that effect.

Donut 8 was an old fashioned glazed with a big gulp of water, very likely to be my final donut of the year. And maybe a little longer.

Finishline photo with my man, both of us stuffed full of donuts!

So obviously not the event to get your new 10km PB time, but tons of fun.  Have you ever participated in an event such as this, combining running with eating as a fun challenge aspect?  How was your experience and would you do it again?