Monday, 21 September 2015

Tested, Tried, and True?

Recently received in the September Stridebox was a sample for Calsura - FIZZ action drink tablets.  Similar to other water soluble electrolyte supplements out there, the tablets can be added to you daily recovery routine to help boost your hydration and replace lost minerals.  The unique aspect to Calsura is the 500mg of calcium contained in each serving, making this product a 2-in-1 for many women out there that require a calcium supplement.
Taste-wise, the Pineapple Coconut tabs are really good.  As directed I put the 2 tabs in a 16-oz bottle and found it easily drinkable and not too sweet.  For personal preference I would likely split that into 2 -16 oz bottles the next time.
I'm looking forward the trying the other two flavours in the near future.  Too bad that once I use them, I'll be unable to get more since they're not yet distributed within Canada. Sigh, something to add to my USA shopping lists.