Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Here Comes the Off-Season

You ever get to a point in the year where you just feel tired?  I'm there right now.

The past 8 months have been tough, and I did it to myself.
1 - Road Half Marathon
5 - Trail Half Marathons
2 - 25km+ Trail Races
1 - 11km Trail Race
3 - 11km+ Road Races
4 - 10km Road Races

Unbelievably, even with all these closely packed events, I have managed to best my 10km road time in 3 consecutive races this year.  The half marathons, not so much.  That's a little harder given each of them occurred on completely different trail networks in different areas of the BC interior.  I'll have to wait until next year to attempt PR's in those races.
Left in the season is a 10km Donut Run and a 20km trail run along an old rail bed in the beautiful Naramata area.
Oh, and with 1500km logged so far for the year it would be silly not to try and round that up to 2000 before the year is out.
Hmm...I think I just figured out why I'm so tired.

How are you feeling as you slowly edge up on your big fall event?  Are you looking forward to some down-time in the coming months or is that a more frightening thought than being tired?