Monday, 31 August 2015

Tested, Tried, and True?

After many runs, and many samples of nutritional supplements it occurred to me on route today that for my own memory recall and possible prevention of another runners' gag reflex being triggered, I should really make a note or two of my experiences with these gels, chews and powders.

Vega Sport Endurance Gel

The Endurance Gel is a "sustain" level product meant for during your activity, usually 45 minutes in and then repeated every 45 minutes there after.  Coconut oil is the primary source for caloric energy contained in this product making it easy on the stomach if you can get it that far.  Unfortunately for me I tried the Orange Zest flavour, I should mention here that orange has never been favourite for me, not even in sodas or popsicles .  One squeeze into my mouth and my cheeks puckered inwards, next squeeze and an attempt to swallow resulted in that reflex...oh gawd..water.  Please stay down, please. More water.  A very sharp zest punch accompanied by the date puree consistency of the product makes this one a difficult intake for me. Packet empty and stowed in my pocket, the next wish was for my stomach to accept the recent submission.  Thankfully I completed the rest of the run without incident. 
The Vega Sport Gel won't be on my shopping list any time soon, at least not in Orange Zest flavour.

*The above is purely my own opinion.