Friday, 14 August 2015

Newfoundland Vacation 2015 - Part 1

So I have been back for nearly two weeks now and it just donned on me today how much time has passed since my last post.  A lot has happened in the past 3+ weeks: flew across the entire country, ran 2 road races, gorged on fresh seafood and ran up a mountain.  That's just the tip of it, so in reverence to brevity I will focus on what I felt were the Newfoundland highlights.
In order of appearance during our stay:

1.  Signal Hill - On a clear day from Signal Hill in St. John's you can see all the way south to Cape Spear from this historical site. Atop the hill sits Cabot Tower and the signal flag posts used to communicate arriving ships approaching the harbour narrows.  Cannons and bunker walls dot the cliff side overlooking the Atlantic memorializing the strategic significance of the St. John's harbour during the past 500 years of exploration, settlement and wars.
Cabot Tower atop Signal Hill

A history of defence - cannon under Cabot Tower

2.  Dramatic Coastlines

As you would expect of an island there are some pretty incredible ocean side landscapes.
Mad Rocks, Bay Roberts, NFLD
Bell Island
Mad Rocks, Bay Roberts, NFLD

The Narrows from Fort Amhurst

Bay Bulls

3.  The Food - The cooler weather has been kind to the east coast shellfish this season.  While West Coast restaurants are banning the service of local oysters, locals and visitors to NFLD are able to enjoy the fresh shellfish without worry.  And I did!  Adelaide' Oyster Bar was a fantastic stop on our pub/bar crawl through St.John's. Lobster also found it's way onto my plate at Aunt Jeannie's home. So delicious.
When your food stares at you!