Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Whats Another Year?

It's time. It's opportunities. It's a chance for improvement.
If asked last year this question I might not have had an answer. A year is a long time in relation to some things. For a runner (or any athlete) a lot can happen and not always as planned. Injury aside there is always the chance that motivation or priorities can derail your momentum when training for, or participating in events.
I had a very busy but enjoyable racing year last year. The frequent travel was tough but was met with the reward of exploring some beautiful locations in the North Vancouver/ Whistler areas.
I continued to improve my times at familiar races and had good performances during new events.  Attributing a lot of that improvement to having lost about 20lbs, I didn't think that the PR's would be able to continue much beyond the end of the year.  But winter came and is now rapidly melting away, and I feel that there is still something in the tank for this year.
During the first three snowshoe races this year I have not only placed but also improved my times at each.  Not getting lost on course helps a bit there! And just over a week ago I set myself a new PR at the Starting Block 10km road race.
Getting back to the question: Whats Another Year?  The answer is really up to you.  Either embrace the time for it's value or squander it, your satisfaction and results will speak for themselves.
On that note, I guess I had better not skip my hills workout tonight!

What do you see ahead for yourself this year?  Is 2015 going to be memorable or the year that "not much happened"?