Monday, 9 February 2015

Dashing Through The Snow

How do you run on trails when they are covered in snow? Snowshoes, of course.  Like this weekend at Big White Ski Resort where Dirty Feet Trail Races hosted their annual snowshoe run/ fun walk.  Racers choose between a 5km or 10km distance, strap on their snowshoes and hoof it around the course.  The race began shortly after sundown making headlamps both a necessity and a way to spot the runners ahead/behind you.

The route consisted of ski trail sections and single track snowshoe trails within the trees. Temperatures hovered just at the freezing mark and with an ample dumping of fresh snow on run day conditions were great for the event.
With a field of 33 racers and 100m elevation to climb over 5km (just shy actually) I came across the finish line at 37:40 for the silver medal.  Woohoo!
The next snowshoe race takes place in 2 weeks at Silver Star Resort in Vernon, BC