Sunday, 10 July 2016

Reaching For Rundle's - Week Sampu (10)

June 6 - 12  Goal: 58km

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - 10km Slow

Fireball 5km @ 100mG
Some runners are motivated by competition, others by the peace and quiet of the trails; our group however seems to be highly persuaded by alcoholic beverages.  Blending drinking and running together has become a bit of a mixology study among our charismatic leaders.
In the spirit of birthday celebration we ran 1km loops headed-up by a shot of Fireball Whiskey each time X5
Always a good idea to stir a little fun into your training!

Sweet cinnamon motivation!

This group never drinks alone!

Wednesday - 8km Steady

9.6km @ 203 mG Juniper to Rosehill
A pretty little evening run on neighbourhood trails. The weather's been hot lately so even on these shorter runs I have nuun hydration tabs in my water bottle. #makeyourwatercount

An occupied bluebird box, these birds have a great view.

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - 8km Slow

10km @ 242mG with Brian, Juniper to Rosehill, Valleyview Loop (trail and road)
I did a little exploring with Brian tonight.  I'd spotted a little single track trail a while back that leads down the hill from my usual Juniper route and tonight we followed that to see where it goes.  Turned out to be a fun winding MTB trail down to Valleyview below and let out in the residential by the main road.  From there our trail run became a sidewalk jog back home but well worth it.

Saturday - 25km LSD

17km @370mG  Long technical run in Pineview with John and Christine
The Pineview area trails have some twisty, rocky and rooty sections that I've been informed mimic the Rundle's trails well, so the three of us took our long run there this weekend to see how we fared.  Right off the start Pineview is tough, it's uphill climbing for about 4km until you get to the gentler grades, then it's uphill some more as you tack on some additional distance.  But let's face it, what goes up must come down, the final stretch back to the parking lot at the end was great.
I definitely had some tired legs at the end of this run.  I didn't get in the whole 25km the day called for but I plan to for go the short run tomorrow and replace it with a longer pre-run of the MTB race course in Kenna before the riders take off.
Always good to know where you're going! Map of Pineview trails.

Sunday - 7km Slow

14.8km @385mG  Pre-run of the Dirty Feet MTB course
I'm not often available to volunteer at the trail races since I'm usually running in them, so helping out at the mountain bike races is my way to give back a bit.  So Sunday morning I'm up and out the door early to run the race course before the riders start kicking up dust.  Good thing too, some nasty bastard had messed with the course markings and attempted to send riders off course.  Why do people do crap like that?
It was a nice day to hang out at the race site and watch the event after my run too.  Did a bit of cheering for friends taking part and eventually helped get the site cleaned up after it was all over.

Summary: Week 10
58.1km/58km  1300mG
Time is flying by now and I'm definitely feeling the anxiety of creeping in.  Two months ago when asked what I was training for I could nonchalantly answer, "a 50km in the summer".  Now with two weeks left to go before the event I want to keep it as my little secret because what if I'm not ready and   this ends up as just a DNF?  Yeah so having doubts.  Not great big doubts, just a little voice that breaks into my thoughts during the most difficult of moments, on the long hills or during the foot and calf cramps at night.  The reality is there will be difficult times in Canmore too, obviously, so for the next two weeks I have to shut out the nasty negative voice and replace that with a sense of humour about sore feet and muscle cramps.