Thursday, 7 July 2016

Reaching For Rundle's - Week Naoi (9)

May 30 - June 5  Goal: 60

Monday -  Rest Day

Tuesday - 8km Steady
8.6km @ 209mG
Tuesday night crew run, with a huge group tonight!  Unveiling of the much anticipated crew t-shirts on a warm evening.  We sure looked good in our matching attire.
Red/Grey for the fast pack of guys! #DontRunAloneWithTheHioms

Lilac for the ladies, they look so PRO! Photo: Jon

Wednesday - 10km Steady
5.1km @ 138mG
Global Running Day!  Got out on the trails in Kenna to celebrate our love of running with friends! I know I shorted myself on distance a bit but the elevation was good on this little run.
Global Running Day!
This pretty much sums up why I run, I like to eat!

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - 7km Slow
9.8km @219mG
A family run on a Friday night.  Brian and my father joined me for this nearly 10km of Juniper/Rose Hill trails.  I'm lucky to have these two guys supporting me, even if Dad calls me "crazy" for wanting to do this 50km in 3weeks.

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - 40km?
21km @ 731mG
TNF Dirty Feet 21km Trail Race in Kelowna
My original plan was to run the race and then with whatever energy I had left, help to sweep the course afterwards. The day did not go as planned.  For starters it was 25C at race start 9:30 in the morning and continued to climb to 33C by the time I reached the finish line.  Kelowna celebrated a temperature record breaking day and I was just happy to survive 3 hours of scorching hillside.  I went through all of my water in this race, and that included a refill at the 8km aid station and again at 18km filling a bottle to make it to the finish.  If the conditions in Canmore are anything like last year, hot & humid, I am definitely going to have a battle against dehydration going on.  Today however I had the option to waive the extra kilometres, so I did.
Photo: Dirty Feet

Week 9 Summary:

45km/60km @ 1297mG
Short by 15km this week, the encroaching reality of time running out is all too real.  While out on the race course this weekend I had lots of time to think about all the possible weather conditions that could really screw with my comfort zone during Rundle's and have adopted the "just keep running" mantra.  Because really, how comfortable do I think I'm going to be!?  In the heat I have to keep my bottles full (of water and nuun), there's no doubt about that after Sunday's run. #makeyourwatercount
Just 3 more weeks to go!