Sunday, 29 May 2016

Reaching For Rundle's - Week Zeven (7)

May 16 - 22  Goal: 49km

Monday - Rest Day  

Tuesday - 7km Steady
Registered this morning for TNF Dirty Feet 21km trail race in Kelowna coming up at the beginning of June.  That ought to make a good training run, especially since it took me 2:51:00 last year to run it. As I recall the route is a whole lotta UP and down in the blink of an eye!

7.4km @ 174m elevation gain
Out with the DFTC in Pineview tonight, running hills and slapping mosquitos.  This awesome crew even brought shots and cupcakes to celebrate my birthday with me. I absolutely love my running friends.
DFTC in Pineview Photo:Jon

Wednesday - 4x 600m Hills
8.9km @ 370m elevation gain
3x 600m Hills
Those were ugly.  Thankfully, my trusted training partner Jon was there to endure the vertical flogging on Tower/Saskatoon trails.
Crazy part was, with each repeat my time decreased to get to the top.

Thursday - Rest Day
And rest I did!

Friday - 5km Slow
5.6km @ 136m elevation gain
A short run on the roads around home.  No sense in going fast or long today with a 20km run early tomorrow morning.

Saturday - 20km
22km @ 597m elevation gain
In typical long weekend fashion it rained.  And rained, and then rained some more.  If it wasn't for the fact that I was meeting Jon and others in the park for this week's LSD I might have stayed in bed.
I guess folks on the coast deal with soggy weather all the time, but it was definitely a novelty for me.

The Soggy Saturday Morning Crew  Photo:Tom
Glad I Brought Dry Shoes to Wear Home

Sunday - 8km Slow
More and more buckets of rain this morning.  I survived yesterday's run, but the princess in me could not bring herself to don the neon trail slippers and go out there again today.

Week's Summary:
44km/49km completed,  1274m elevation gain
This week was again incomplete for total mileage, however I did enjoy a few good days of rest, some great company in less than favourable conditions and I feel ready for the big week ahead.