Monday, 16 May 2016

Reaching For Rundle's - Week Seks (6)

May 9 - 15  Goal: 55kms

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - 7 kms Slow
8km@167m elevation gain
A scavenger hunt fun run around Kenna Park with the DFTC.

Wednesday - no run
Big fat goose egg!
I should never have read the weather forecast.  It was wrong, so very, very wrong and intimidated me into staying home tonight to avoid the imaginary thunderstorms.  Looks like today's hills workout is deferred to tomorrow.

Thursday - 11km with hills
11.2km @ 239m elevation gain
Here's to the domino theory! Today's 11km run is my make-up run from yesterday, didn't get the repeats in but there were definitely a couple good climbs.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - 32kms LSD (and bump)
A nasty migraine derailed all plans for running today.

Sunday - Rest Day (not no more)
22.9km @ 615m elevation gain
With yesterday in the books as a write-off I got up exceptionally early for a birthday Sunday and headed out solo for the trails.  My headache was almost gone but not completely so I really didn't know what to expect from myself in the way of distance today.  The agreement I made with Brian as I headed off was to text an update after every 5kms completed with whether or not I would be continuing on to the next 5km.
On an absolutely gorgeous 12 degree morning it was easy to knock off the first 5.  Then the next.  And eventually 15, now should I continue on or go home to the coconut pancakes I had requested for breakfast?  I figured I should really earn the pancakes, so onward for the final 5km concluding at the back side of the park 3 kilometres from my car.  23 kilometres it is then.  Not a bad birthday morning effort for this girl.  And with the Hash Run later this afternoon I should come relatively close to my 32km goal for the day.
Yeah that's right, I'm going to run again in the afternoon, right when it's predicted to be good and hot, around 27 degrees Celsius.  And it was.

10.5km @ 232m elevation gain
3:00pm rolls around and the Kamloops Hash House Harriers (KH3) are meeting for their 120th running and I'm there in the grass praying for it to be short and flat.
Bwahahaha. Nope.
Another 10kms got added to my day, a little more than I thought we were going to run, but that cinched my 32km goal and they serve beer.  Oh sweet beer midway through a hot run, there is no beverage finer in moments such as this.

Week 6 Summary:
52.6km/55km - completed.  Not a perfect week but I did manage to complete all of my long day kilometres in the day intended.  I also stuck closer to the goal mileage for the week. I'm not suffering from any current injury and I'm starting to wrap my head around the "just go do it" mentality.  At my new official age of 41 years I have the pleasure of knowing I'm kicking the but of my 20 year old self.  That's something.