Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hot Hot Hot

Temperatures were elevated this weekend, luckily the humidity dropped making my weekend runs survivable.  Conditions are also tinder dry here as they are throughout BC and I shudder to think all it would take to burn out my favourite trails (and residences bordering the park) is a careless cigarette.  Please folks be safe out there!  For everyone's sake.
Looking West to Kamloops Lake

Saturday morning Brian and I headed to the Farmers' Market so that I could get some more cherries and rainbow chard.  Enjoyed the cooler time of day outside and had breakfast at Motivo, my favourite coffee shop downtown.  Once home I productively wasted all of the morning and then some of the afternoon doing chores around the apartment before finally getting me and my gear together for a hot 32C run in Kenna.
Some call them breaks, I call them mandatory view appreciation moments!

The work I put in on Saturday
This morning, Sunday, I got going at a slightly earlier hour.  Still didn't save me from a hot run, but at 26C it wasn't as hot.  I took a few different trails today than my normal go-to routes, explored a couple off branches and was surprised they really didn't add much  to the elevation of the run. Actually saw a few other hikers and runners in the park today, as opposed to yesterday.  I guess the temperatures were still agreeable to the many.
Chipmunks had my number out there, a few chose to race out and scare the stride out of me.  They always wait until the last minute. One deer shared in this game and startled me as she sprung effortlessly away from the trail hearing me coming.
Did a little sightseeing, bottom right: haze creeping on the valley possibly from fires burning in the Okanagan.

Saved the big hill for the end today.
I really love trail running in the summertime. Every day seems like a guaranteed good day on the trails, so please: be safe, report wild fires and obey campfire restrictions!  I don't want to go back to running roads alongside traffic because the forest is on fire.

Where was your last trail run?