Friday, 17 July 2015

Holy Smokes

The Running Week in Review: July 6 - July 12

38.6C with smoke from local wildfires creeping in the West over the hills.

Monday:  Kamloops Running Room Trail Group 

6.0km 44:15 (moving time)
So we've managed to get the open Trail Running Group moved to Monday nights for the foreseeable future, yay!  And the group now meets right at the Kenna Cartwright trailhead rather than running on the roads to get there, another win.  A group 7 strong endured the warm evening and covered 6km of tree shaded single tracks together. 
If you are ever in Kamloops looking for a group to run with just check in at the local Running Room shop and find out our next run time.
You're going running again aren't you!?

Tuesday: Dirty Feet Crew - Pineview

8.8km  1:18:41 (moving time)
This trail network has just opened the seasonal side to MBike and runner traffic once again so our group did some exploring on new to us trails.  Conditions are dry and dusty out there right now but that didn't seem to keep the mosquitoes away.  The little blood suckers are fierce on that hills.  
Every running has had that one run which felt like it was completely uphill, both directions even though it was a loop, this run was that loop,   7.5km of climb with 1km of descent. Phew!  
Thanks to Francois and family for hosting a BBQ afterwards, it's always nice to have that chance to chat with crew members when you are not sucking wind on trail.
Photo: Phil Hiom

On my way home from BBQ that night, I started receiving texts and FB notifications from friends congratulating me on my win.  What win?  My Dream Home lottery ticket was a prize winner! Who needs official notification when you have friends. Brian and I didn't win the house sadly, but a $1000 Mall GC! So pretty excited about that news on the drive home.

Wednesday: Rest

I still have a 21km trail race this weekend, best not to overdo things in the heat we're having and actually take a night off running.  Instead chores got done.

Thursday:  #110 Kamloops Hash House Harriers Run - Rosehill

5.4km  45:05 (moving time)
I joined the Kamloops Kennel for this most recent hash in the southeast hills of town on the hottest day of the year so far! 38.6 C!  WOW it was warm.  That could explain why we had such tight but dedicated group out.  Good run though, all of the prequisites, hills, brambles, beer, views and a pool at the end. Thanks to our host hare: Down Below.
Virgin Jessie and 5MB approaching the HH

Hot summer skies!

Friday: Rest

Drove into Vernon after work, ready for another Dirty Feet weekend event!

I also said goodbye to my long time companion and adventurer Bilbo.  Life had not been easy for him recently and I had to make the hard decision to let him go.  I hope on the way UP he was able to snag one last bird!

Saturday: Rest

Brian and I walked around downtown Vernon after picking up my race package for the 21km TNF Dirty Feet Trail race in Kalamalka Park.  I was already starting to get the pre-race anxiety feelings so stopping for BBQ and beers at The Naked Pig seemed like a good idea. Yum.
Brews at The Naked Pig

Sunday: Race Day!

The North Face Dirty Feet Trail Race - Vernon, BC

21km (+a little extra) 2:45:48 (official time) 884m elevation Gain

I really lucked out on the weather for this race.  Years past this has been a scorcher of a day, temps reaching 37C but today the race started at 9am and 18C.  It was beautiful.  Kalamalka Lake put on a show in vibrant turquoise as a reward to runners reaching the tops and climbs and enjoying the viewpoints.
I felt a little beat up along the way, alternating between climbs and descents was taking it's toll on my legs but a little more strength training will help that in future.  The Dirty Feet race routes are never easy, but they are well thought out selections of trails meant to be challenging at each distance. I love the way they try to keep runners off of the dull, wide service roads where ever possible.
After finishing the race and downing some orange slices I partook in what makes this the best race site ever, a swim in the lake.  Not just a wade in and stand at knee deep waters, but a full on submersion and swim to the buoy and back.  I was still sweating when I came out, but I felt fantastic.

Next week: I leave for Newfoundland!

How is your summer running coming along?  Any destination runs in the near future?