Sunday, 19 April 2015

All Together Dead

Headed out for a long slow run with friend Misty Saturday morning. the parameters for the run were pretty loose, 1-3hrs, 10-30kms, or whatever we could handle.  Terrain preference was trail but we segued to and from on some roadways.
Had a great time out there on my longest run in several months.

LSD from DT to Tower

Just shy 700m elevation
Starting feel like the 25km Kal Park race is going to be a lot of fun, still a lot of work but as long as there is a beer at the finish line I will survive.
Icebox and Misty, top of Tower trail

Amazing day in the 'loops

Group run through the cow pies  Photo: Brian M

Fireball Cherry Cheesecake (carb reload)

Saturday afternoon and run number two!
Some of my frequent trail flying friends got together for a run and potluck up in the rolling cattle lands of Knutsford.  8 more kilometres and enough food to feed an army!

I haven't eaten cheesecake in approximately 13 yrs, but I made the exception for a Fireball Cherry Cheesecake.  I'm still not a big fan of the cake, but I'm a new fan of cherry pie filling and Fireball drunk cherries!

How is your weekend running or activity going so far?  Did you get out there for your long run or the big race?