Sunday, 24 April 2016

Reaching for Rundle's - Week 3

Week 3 - April 18-24  Goal: 43km

Monday - Rest Day

Completely accomplished this one, had a nap after work and even slept in a bit Tuesday morning.
Physical Status: L-ankle is tender on the anterior aspect, but nothing that changes weight-bearing status or gait.  Aside from that the weekend's runs were absorbed well.

Tuesday - 6km Slow

7.7kms @292m elevation gain, 22C
Ran with the DFTCrew in Kenna Cartwright Park along some of the most notable trails.
This could have counted as my hills run for the week but I will force myself out the door tomorrow to get it done right.


Wednesday - 3x Hills

5.0km @ 200m elevation gain, 24C
Spent some quality time on Balsam Root Trail in Kenna Cartwright this evening.  I'm still amused when hill 3 is faster that both 1 & 2.  I guess there is something to be said for warming-up!
Physical Status: Fell asleep with a comforting slather of BioFreeze on each knee.

Thursday - Rest Day

Made a big crock pot of chili today and enjoyed my dinner watching lightning flash outside.  Good choice of rest days.
Placed order for my Team Nuun running singlet :)  Hopefully it will be here in time for Rundles.

Friday - Rest Day

Guess what... more thunderstorms.  My training plan is one of Kismet, definitely not going to question the double rest days this week.

Saturday - 18km LSD

20km @ 598m elevation gain, 8C
Joined by several running friends today in Kenna. The miles melted away as we tackled the challenging route for Walk in The Park, everyone with their own goals for the day but a common course.  I put in a solid 20km for the day before heading for home.

Sunday - 10km Slow

10km @ 258m elevation gain, 9C
Thanks Amy L. and Jon for great company today.  Lead legs and a desire to stay home and sleep in are no match for you two.  What a beautiful morning up there is Batchelor Hills.  I'm sure glad that tomorrow is a rest day again.

Week 3 is over and my full 43km goal was achieved.  Legs are tired and I'm wearing my compression sleeves for some comfort tonight.  The coming week will present some challenges with travelling to Spokane and the Bloomsday 12km road race happening but with a few alterations to my original training plan I should still meet my mileage and technical requirements for the week.